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A very different kind of furniture company

"Fantastic company with a great studio and lovely, professional staff who were on hand to assist us through every stage of the order process. Our new bed arrived on time and in perfect condition. We’re thrilled with it."

Jenny Bodea, The New York Times

Stain Resistant Velvet

Our Stain Resistant Velvet Range is proving very popular indeed. The fabric is water and stain resistant. Unlike the Pure Cotton Velvet which leaves water stains and bruises, the Stain Resistant Velvet does not bruise - you can even run your nail through it and it will not leave a mark.

The fabric is 100% polyester which is why it is so practical but it does have the look and feel of cotton velvet.

Pure Stain Resistant Linen

This beautiful heavy weight linen is milled in Belgium by a family run linen mill.  Linen has a unique combination of properties; lasting durability, unrivalled comfort and rich colour absorption. The more it is used, the more beautifully it ages and gets a unique patina. It is highly absorbent, lint-free and non allergenic.

Brooklands Leather

Our brand new Brooklands leather is a cracked, matte leather known as a pull up leather.  This type of leather is characterised by its soft wax finish which has a degree of mobility so that when tensioned, the contrasting base colour "pulls up".  The resulting cracked effect was the original distressed leather and when upholstered makes a unique piece, full of character.

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